Hackfreed (DJ & Producer, Germany)

Christian Hacker discovered his passion for music in his young years.
Inspired by the music of the late 70s, he put on some music at the age of 14 at the youth center in Eschwege. A mixture of seventies disco music and electronic music.
The first club in which Christian Hacker produced danceable music was Club Santana in Eschwege.

His friends and companions gave him his name “Hackfreed ”, under which he produces today. He produces his own tracks in his own studio and is working together with different artists and singers.

In 2019 he founded his own label „Vorwärts Musik“
In April 2020 he played at the „Stay Home Festival“ on DanceTelevision.
December 2020 his label is an active partner and officially collaborate with Moai Techno Live Sets Agency.

DJ and producer, Label Owner
Style of music: Melodic House & Techno, House, Progressive House, Electronic